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    NEW 4 shop is showing a 0.0 balance.

    shop is showing a 0.0 balance i added funds 3 hours ago and says its been verified 29 times now.
    is shop not working? can please fix?

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    Okay thank you for opening topic about this
    you can also contact me at yahoo or icq for this problem
    but if you added anything less then $100 it will not be shown , as minimum payment is $100
    but whatever you added will not be waste
    suppose you added $50 then it will not show in your account but if you add more $50
    then total 100$ will be seen in your account
    thank you
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    may teach me a tutorial carding

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    alot works for my friends ��

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    Dude, always worth a little wait before writing the issues and distract the admins of services. Every day the number of transactions of bitcoin have increased. The end time of each transaction increases

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