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Ad Ends 1 April 2018

Staff Application

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    New2 Staff Application

    Hello this is your admin opening application for Staff
    currently we have position for moderators and graphics deisger only
    we only need serious people to apply for position no need for people who dont know anything about forums
    if you want to apply for staff reply this topic with your details

    Nickname :

    Skills :

    Hours you spend online :

    Language :

    Resaon to become staff :

    All application will be monitored by Admin himself

    CardingMafia Admin giving HOT Offers

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    3 : Doing western union transfer

    4 : Bank transfer , ccv , Dumps , tracks , rdp ,smtp , and many more items at wholesale price

    CONTACT :[email protected] and ICQ : 350048191 and jabber : [email protected]

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    6-8 hours a day


    The reason I think i should work for you guys is, I am very reliable and honest. I love the work as moderator and would love to be able to assist you guys. Thanks

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    Name :- Yousuf Zai
    Staff :- Moderator
    Online :- 24/7
    Reason :- Honestly i want to become moderator to keep the site clean from spammers and for users who do don'ts on this forum and i am always available as i work for online and have been admin for years on ,however i am not saying that i have all the merits in me but i am also not saying that i have all the demerits , if everyone is selected on cracking skills then who will look after users as well the users who cracks and post here ?,

    for further info i can speak , English,Arabic,Urdu,Spanish and Hindi , some Asian countries still don't know about fourms like this because the speak hindi or arabic .


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    Nickname : Money Team

    Skills : Carding, Hacking.

    Hours you spend online : Almost 24/7

    Language : English

    Resaon to become staff : I really like the forum and spend some time here. I think its great because it helps new people learn how to card, etc. I can help people on the forum with carding and stuff.

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    Nickname: d4rpix
    Skills: Programmer/Web Developer, Checks, Carding, Bank Drops
    Experience: 2-3 years
    Hours: 10-12+
    Language: English, Russian, Dutch... some German and French to get by.
    Resaon to become staff: Can easily spot rippers and have a know how of legit products. I used to be active buyer/contributor on AlphaBay for a couple of years.

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    contact me on my jabber or icq
    CardingMafia Admin giving HOT Offers

    2 : shipping Laptops for $300

    3 : Doing western union transfer

    4 : Bank transfer , ccv , Dumps , tracks , rdp ,smtp , and many more items at wholesale price

    CONTACT :[email protected] and ICQ : 350048191 and jabber : [email protected]

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    job application

    Nickname: gtuface
    Skills:Graphic designer, marketer, poster, moderator
    Experience: 8 years
    Hours: 14+
    Language: English, French, spanish.
    i want to be a staff at cardmafia because i have what it takes for the job and i have a lot to offer

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    which one do you have

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    Nickname : Mr. ShaH

    Skills : GraphicDesigner/HTML&Css/Blogging/WebsiteDevelopment/PhotoshopCC - Photoshop Cs6 Full Experience.

    Hours you spend online : 12-13

    Language :Urdu/English/Hindi/Punjabi

    Reason to become staff : The Reason Is That I Have Skills But I Daily Waste My To Playing Games And Wathing Videos On Youtube So' I Decided To Became a Staff here And Want Get Busy Life.

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    1.Whats your name?
    - sheikhas
    2.Where are you from?
    - Pk
    3.Do you have any old experience in moderating and how many years?
    Yes, I was moderator at forex 5+ year and btc ex forum in 11 months. i can speak Eng,Arabic,german
    4.Since how many years you started carding/spamming?
    I'm into carding for 1.5 years now, I am spamming also since last 3 month
    5.Why would we choose you between all the members' applications as a STAFF?
    I'm very active men 5-10 hours online daily And i want to handle again of forum. I have good experience in carding and i am friendly guy , helpful and very active all the time.

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    Nickname: mazerunner
    Skills: I'm a pentester , I also have coding skills (C,C++,Python and Batch) , I know some cryptography and I'm good at web exploiting.
    Hours you spend online: 4 hours/day.
    Language: English. I don't like disclosing other languages I know due to OPSEC.
    Reason to become staff: I'd like to get the best out of this forum. Also I can help you finding vulnerabilities here since I'm good at pentesting.
    I'd also like to be a scamwatch since I did that many times among forums on the DW.
    I have much experience being both a moderator and admin.

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