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  1. Admission on Carding Class V1
  2. Partned Needed for this Work
  3. Iphone 5 selling
  4. Work for Cardmafia and earn money
  5. carded airline ticket
  6. 2 days downtime
  7. Liberty reserve Owner / CEO Arrested
  8. Lr owner arrested !!!! Lr is no more for now !
  9. our new item Stock
  10. Western Union
  11. My New ICQ Account
  12. 1000$ Reward if you Win Competition
  13. In hacking Yahoo accused the Russians, including the recently arrested FSB officer
  14. Unknown hackers broke into the account of the European Parliament on Twitter
  15. Vulnerability in WhatsApp and Telegram are allowed to gain control over the account
  16. Two flaws in WordPress allow you to insert malicious code in a publication
  17. 38 Android devices infected with preinstalled malware
  18. Discovered a new malicious software for PoS-terminals — MajikPOS
  19. Nigerians lured by Western firms more than $3 billion
  20. Hitachi has infected the payment systems of the indian atms
  21. The Russian was brought before a court in the United States on charges of fraud
  22. Hackers disguised as pornhub for bitcoins
  23. Anonymizer Snowden bypasses the lock
  24. 640K PlayStation Accounts for Sale on the Darknet
  25. CIA’s Malware Writing Tips and Tricks (Vault7 leak)
  26. Bitcoin Price Analysis 29th March 2017
  27. Convicted Darknet Buyer Found to be Child of High Profile Murderer
  28. UK Demands Encryption Backdoor As London Terrorist Used WhatsApp Before the Attack
  29. Leader of Online Carding Forums Sentenced in Mississippi
  30. US Indicts Four in Connection with 2014 Yahoo Hack
  31. Supreme Court to Hear Alleged Silk Road Admin’s Appeal
  32. Southwest Germany To Join Forces With Saarland To Combat Cybercrime
  33. Suspect Spreading Philadelphia Ransomware Identified
  34. Bank of America opens branches without employees
  35. From April, 1 bitcoin in Japan will become legal tender
  36. Group Sentenced For Massive Stolen Debit Card Scheme
  37. 15 West African Countries To Join The Convention On Cybercrime
  38. UK Identity Fraud Hit Record Levels in 2016
  39. Another russian hacker arrested in spain reportedly over u.s. Election hacking
  40. ISPs May Start Selling Internet Browsing History
  41. Unpatched Microsoft Word Flaw is Being Used to Spread Dridex Banking Trojan
  42. FBI Warns That Hackers Target Open FTP Servers
  43. Darknet Vendor Lists 25 Hacked Forum Databases
  44. Creator of the Nuke Banking trojan “Leaks” Source Code
  45. Stuttgart To Form Cybercrime Center To Combat Organized Crime On The Internet
  46. elbourne Man Pleads Guilty To Credit Card Shopping Scam
  47. Harpooning the StingRay: How to Detect and Avoid IMSI Catchers that Spy on Cellular..
  48. The Romanian police collaborate with internet security company BitDefender to fight
  49. This Phishing Attack is Almost Impossible to Detect On Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  50. 95,000 Job Applicant Data of McDonald’s Canada Hacked, Likely Being Sold on Dark Web
  51. How Companies are Deanonymizing Bitcoin
  52. Webroot 'mistakenly' flags Windows as Malware and Facebook as Phishing site
  53. Pakistan Sees Increased DNM Credit Card Sales
  54. Rule 41 Warrant Used in Kelihos Botnet TAKEDOWN
  55. Attention – Anomalous RSA Keys In Tor Relays Can Undermine Your Privacy
  56. Malware Bricking Insecure IoT Devices Could Be a Vigilante Tool Against Botnets
  57. Botnets for Discovering and Monitoring Terrorism Related Content on the Dark Web
  58. Malware Hunter — Shodan's new tool to find Malware C&C Servers
  59. Hacker leaks 'Orange is the New Black' Season 5 after Netflix refused to Pay Ransom
  60. Source Code for CIA’s Tool to Track Whistleblowers Leaked by Wikileaks
  61. New MacOS Malware, Signed With Legit Apple ID, Found Spying On HTTPS Traffic
  62. PCs with Intel Server Chipsets, Launched Since 2010, Can be Hacked Remotely
  63. Explained — How Intel AMT Vulnerability Allows to Hack Computers Remotely
  64. Wikileaks Unveils CIA's Man-in-the-Middle Attack Tool
  65. Google Won't Patch A Critical Android Flaw Before ‘Android O’ Release
  66. Microsoft Issues Patches for Another Four Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
  67. Dutch Police Seize Another Company that Sells PGP-Encrypted Blackberry Phones
  68. WannaCry Ransomware: Everything You Need To Know Immediately
  69. Protect Against WannaCry: Microsoft Issues Patch for Unsupported Windows (XP,..+Video
  70. Google Researcher Finds Link Between WannaCry Attacks and North Korea
  71. Apple Releases Dozens of Security Patches for Everything
  72. WannaCrypt, WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r, WCryp - How to be safe from
  73. Zomato Hacked; Hacker Puts Up 17 Million Users' Emails and Passwords On Sale
  74. Beware! Hackers Can Steal Your Windows Password Remotely Using Chrome
  75. Bell Canada Hacked: Data of 1.9 Million Customers Stolen
  76. Latest Joomla 3.7.1 Release Patches Critical SQL Injection Attack
  77. LinkedIn Hacker, Wanted by US & Russian, Can be Extradited to Either State
  78. Chrome Flaw Allows Sites to Secretly Record Audio/Video Without Indication
  79. Beware! Fireball Malware Infects Nearly 250 Million Computers Worldwide
  80. Putin: Hackers Are Like Artists, Who Wake Up In A Good Mood & Start Painting
  81. This CIA Tool Hacks Windows Computers Silently Over the Network
  82. WannaCry Coding Mistakes Can Help Files Recovery Even After Infection
  83. First Android-Rooting Trojan With Code Injection Ability Found On Google Play Store
  84. 22 Apple Distributors Arrested for Selling Customers’ Data in $7.4 Million
  85. Hackers Are Using An Effective Way to Spread Fake News From Verified Accounts
  86. Warning! Hackers Started Using "SambaCry Flaw" to Hack Linux Systems
  87. French Police Seize 6 Tor Relay Servers in WannaCry Investigation
  88. AlphaBay Dark Web Market Goes Down; Users Fear Exit-Scam
  89. Before you open an topic ! MUST READ.
  90. Forum Rules ! MUST READ
  91. Katyusha Scanner — Telegram-based Fully Automated SQL Injection Tool
  92. Russian Financial Cybercriminal Gets Over 9 Years In U.S. Prison
  93. Adwind RAT Returns! Cross-Platform Malware Targeting Aerospace Industries
  94. Google Silently Adds 'Panic Detection Mode" to Android 7.1 – How It's Useful
  95. Millions of Android Devices Using Broadcom Wi-Fi Chip Can Be Hacked Remotely
  96. Satellite Phone Encryption Calls Can be Cracked in Fractions of a Second
  97. wizard
  98. How Microsoft Cleverly Cracks Down On "Fancy Bear" Hacking Group
  99. Tor Launches Bug Bounty Program — Get Paid for Hacking!
  100. Mobile Bootloaders From Top Manufacturers Found Vulnerable to Persistent Threats
  101. Hackers Can Silently Control Siri, Alexa & Other Voice Assistants +VIDEO
  102. Hackers Are Distributing Backdoored 'Cobian RAT' Hacking tool For Free