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1. We are doing a VIP spamming service that we do the spamming for you
2. it's 150 to 200 logs per week if there's more it's going to be your logs
3. We work from Monday to Friday and Friday we will send the logs in .txt
4. the logs going to be mixed but am sure you find office too inside
5. if you, if you send your, leads it's going an addon $100 for every 5k leads
7. that if you want to send leads 10k that going to be $2200
8. if you don't lead that's fine we can use our leads.
9. we spam most possible transaction logs
9. we send 4 times every Friday means 1 month
10. Price $2000 BTC or PM
11.You can read more here with the prof of a customer subscribing.

More info here with prof of clients
Price $2000 BTC or PM